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Boat Lifts

Patented "Easy-level" System allows you to adjust the height and level your lift with a cordless drill.

Raise or Lower Your Boat and Light Up Your Dock With A Wireless Remote

Easy Guide-In System Makes It Simple For For Parking

Durable, Corrosion Resistant, Engineered Components

Piviot Lifts

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Vertical Lifts

Infinite Adjustment, No Pins to Align, One Person Job, Easy Seasonal Adjustment!

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Vertical Winch Lifts

FLOE Lifts have long lasting stainless fasteners and cables & heavy duty aluminum pulleys.

They can work in shallower water as the lift cradle drops to the outside of the main frame.

Easy-Level leveling leg system. Raise and lower your lift with a cordless drill.

Models Available:

V-2602- The Finest PWC Lift on the market. It features more bed travel and incorporates all of our V-Lift technologies. It can hold 2 PWC at adjustable, staggered heights and includes 2 pairs of full length bunks.

V-2000-V-3600 V-4600- Able to accommodate a variety of fishing boats, runabouts, ski-boats, jet boats & pontoons

Winch Kits

Manual Winch Kit- Heavy-duty gear reduced winch with automatic load holding brake features a large crank wheel & speed knob

12- Volt DC Winch

Simple as a "Push of a Button" is all it takes to raise and lower your boat into and out of the water.

VSD Lifts

With the push of a button you can raise and lower your boat in about half the time of most other powered lifts.

The 24-volt hydraulic or DC powered winch lift.

Available models: 3800,5000,6000,6500,8000 and 10,000

visit www.floeintl.com to determine the right lift for your boat or contact us today!